What is a transaction coordinator?

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages all details involved in closing a real estate transaction and monitors the entire process through agents, clients, escrow companies and property management companies. Transaction Coordinators are licensed agents who take the load off other agents in a big way throughout the transaction, so they can focus on lead generating and prospecting. 

Will you have contact with my clients?

You decide on this, but we are excellent at customer service and will treat your clients like they are our own! The process of getting everyone to settlement, is most efficient  if we may communicate directly with your client. We keep you informed of all communications and CC you on emails with important correspondence.

Do you share our personal information or that of our clients?

We do not share your information with anyone and they are very secure. We have strict guidelines and unless you grant us permission to share any information, it will be kept confidential. 

Can you help with a transaction that has already started?

Yes, we can take over paperwork on a transaction that has already been started.

What if I am located a fair distance away from you?

That is the beauty of what we do! We work almost ENTIRELY paperless with agents and brokers. You do not need to be located near our office in order for us to work with you. You would be surprised at how effective we are, and how available we make ourselves to everyone involved in the transaction. We can also do video conferences via skype and/or google hangouts, to help make every transaction as smooth and seamless as possible!

How can I contact my TC?

You will receive all contact information for your Transaction Coordinator. We provide you cell, office, email, text, skype, google+, and of course you can always contact the owner of the company, too, directly at: [email protected]

What if I misplace the file?

Once a file is complete, it is scanned and archived securely into our servers. With notice, we can reproduce a file fro A-Z for any client and have it emailed to you, or printed and sent to you at your request. We never delete any files unless specifically requested to do so.

How will I know what is happening with my transaction?

You will have 24/7 access to your file through our online transaction management system, Folio. All documents are uploaded and updated as they are received, and you will have regular contact with your Transaction Coordinator from the very beginning until settlement is complete.